Build from source

GHC-7.10.2 is required to build DBPnet from source. I recommend use stack to install GHC and other DBPnet dependent packages.

Install stack

Download the latest release of stack for your platform. For example, if your system is CentOS 6.5, the “Linux 64-bit, libgmp4 for CentOS 6.x” is what you need.

Next, unpack the tarball and move stack executable to a directory that is in your system path, e.g., /usr/bin.

tar zxf stack-x.x.x-linux-x64.tar.gz
mv stack-x.x.x-linux-x64/stack /usr/bin

Download DBPnet source and install GHC

Download the latest source code and unpack it.

tar zxf DBPnet-X.X.X.tar.gz

Go into the source code directory and install GHC.

cd DBPnet-X.X.X
stack setup

To test whether GHC installation is successful, type stack ghci. If everything goes well, you would see a GHCi prompt. If it complaints gmp library is missing, make sure appropriate gmp library is in your dynamic linking path (LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

Once you have a working copy of GHC, you can proceed to install the dependencies of DBPnet. Under the source code directory, type:

stack build --only-dependencies

and then install DBPnet:

stack install